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Posted by Mary Collins on January 13, 2012

Baby Furniture Sets – A Buyer’s Guide to Create The Perfect Nursery for your Baby

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When you are welcoming a baby into your home, one of the most exciting things to do is to design and create the baby nursery by getting one of the recommended Baby Furniture Sets on our blog. For those of us who have had children, it was just one of those “Awww” moments when you see it all coming together in anticipation of your little one’s arrival.

Baby Furniture Sets  are great because they provide a complete, matching set, just as you would get with an adult furniture set. This really adds to the decor of the nursery and brings everything together. Also, by shopping for baby furniture sets, you are essentially buying in bulk from a manufacturer and so you can get really great price deals. Baby furniture sets also make great gifts from the baby’s grandparents, other relatives or friends!

When I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, I was so excited to start designing the nursery! I had all my colours and my theme in mind – baby green and cute, cartoon animals. I even painted a mural of a giraffe, elephant and lion on the wall. My artistic skills were in full swing when my parents came over and told me the news that they were going to buy me a baby furniture set as a baby shower gift! They told me to go online and find the best one, the one that matched my theme, and to email it to them so they could buy it online and have it shipped right to my house in time for the baby’s birth.

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Easier said than done. When I went online, I was overwhelmed with the number of stores and companies making baby furniture sets, so I turned to customer reviews of the furniture to make sure I was getting the best deal. Because I could not find a single website that made good recommendations and taught me about what to look for when buying baby furniture sets, I decided to add to the greater good of the expectant mommy community and create the Baby Furniture Sets Buyer’s Guide Blog.

Baby Furniture Sets – What Should You Get in the Set

The best baby furniture sets usually have the following pieces of furniture included in them:

  • Crib: This is the most essential piece of furniture in the baby furniture sets as it is where baby rests its head. Also, cribs have to have alot of safety features and so are the most important decision that you will have to make. Many companies recommend choosing a crib first and getting the furniture set that matches the crib you want.
  • Dresser: The dresser usually has 4-6 drawers and is useful for storing the baby’s clothing, socks, diapers, books, toys, bathing supplies and more.
  • Change Table: This will essentially become the “change station” in your house. It houses all of the diaper changing supplies including diapers, wipes, creams, powders etc. Good change tables also have change pads which cushion the baby when they are lying on the table.
  • Rocking Chair/Glider: These are included in some but not all baby furniture sets. When they match the rest of the decor of the room, they look beautiful. Look for rocking chairs with padded seating, cushioned arm rests and an ottoman.

However the sets might also include items such as shelving, ottomans, cushioned seats, closet accessories, armoires, and other such items.

Baby Furniture Sets – What to Look for in Baby Furniture Sets Deals

The first thing you need to consider before purchasing your baby furniture sets if which crib you want. This is the recommended first step by most manufacturers and baby furniture stores and often the way that online purchasing sites are set up.

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Baby Furniture Sets – Finding The Perfect Crib

To meet your family’s needs, consider the following crib options:

  • Standard Crib: The best standard cribs have double drop sides to allow you to reach the baby from both sides if need be. Look for cribs that have easy to use and safe drop side mechanisms such as rods, trigger releases or knee releases. These cribs also require a baby mattress which sometimes come with the crib or can be purchased separately.
  • Rocking Crib: These have a rocking function which allow you to rock the baby back and forth. Some babies like this rocking motion and it makes them fall asleep quicker.
  • Bassinets: These usually dont come with baby furniture sets because they move around and often fold up. These are good to supplement your baby furniture sets, especially in the first few months when you may be anxious about sleeping without your baby beside you.
  • Convertible Cribs: Some cribs have the ability to convert into older child beds (e.g. Toddler beds).
  • Co-Sleeper Cribs: These function as extensions to your bed allowing the baby to sleep next to you to make feeding easier while staying safe at the same time. These also don’t usually come with baby furniture sets and are better to buy separately because they don’t go in the nursery.

If you are leaning towards the safest and most traditional standard crib, then a baby furniture set is an extremely good option!

Baby Furniture Sets – What Else to Look For?

  • Colour and Finish: Besides the crib, look for the right design, colour and finish to suit the decor of your room. Baby furniture sets come in a variety of styles from modern to classical. They also come in a range of finishes including White, Ebony, Espresso, Balsam, Oak, Cedar, Cappuccino etc. Whichever colour or finish you choose, as long as the furniture matches each other, it will look really great in your nursery, I promise!
  • Shipping Fees and Retainability: Look for a deal where you can purchase online, no hassles, and have it shipped FOR FREE directly to your door. That way you dont have to worry about fitting things into your car. Also, if your hoping for a surprise gift like I was, you can easily email links to your family and friends to the exact pieces of furniture you like or want and they can decide amongst themselves who may get it as a gift for you. Also, look for brands that offer free returns in case you find a defect or experience problems with your baby furniture sets.
  • Try Buying Pieces Separately: Some sites claim that the bundled deal is better and that you should buy the furniture as a set. However, what I have actually found in practice, is that if you buy the  pieces of the baby furniture sets separately on a site like Amazon, it actually works out cheaper!

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