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Posted by Mary Collins on January 23, 2012

Baby Furniture Sets – The Winner: 3 Piece Davinci Kalani Collection

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If you are looking for high quality Baby Furniture Sets , one of the best brands on the market is the Davinci brand. They manufacture their products as best in class yet affordable for new families and feature many of the convertible type furniture that grows with baby – further saving you money down the line. This is my number one recommendation based on all the research I have done about cribs and baby furniture sets because it offered the most functionality (being convertible) and looked beautiful. I came across this collection as part of my Baby Furniture Sets  scavenger hunt on Amazon, which is where I discovered the beauty of buying items separately from Amazon rather than directly from the manufacturers. I was amazed to discover that is actually cheaper in some instances to buy baby furniture sets this way!

The most classic collection – the Kalani Collection, is one of the best selling and most highly rated baby furniture sets on sites like Amazon. The 3-piece set includes:

  1. 4-in-1 Convertible Crib with Toddler Rail
  2. 4 Drawer Baby Dresser
  3. 3 Drawer Baby Changer

It was given a 4.5 out of 5 star rating on Amazon. Customer feedback included many pros such as:

  • These baby furniture sets have beautiful and even finishes with a rich high quality appearance
  • A great colour selection from cherry to espresso to ebony to white
  • The crib has 4 height settings to match Mommy’s height
  • The crib includes a toddler rail which saves even more money
  • The crib converts and grows with baby. It can even turn into a full-size sleigh bed for teens.
  • Pretty easy to have it shipped and assemble with easy instructions
  • Colour matching between baby furniture sets pieces is good
  • Baby changer has rails on all 4 sides adding safety

For my daughter’s nursery, I wanted a simple, classic look to match the baby green walls and cartoon jungle animal theme. The beautiful Espresso colour really pops on the green walls and gives it that “Safari” kind of look. I am really glad I invested in one of these baby furniture sets, as I can’t imagine if the room didn’t match the way it does now.

Here are the 3 links to buy the 3 Davinci Kalani Collection Items on Amazon with free shipping and 365-day returns available:

Baby Furniture Sets – Runner-up: BabyLetto 3 Piece Nursery Set

Introducing BabyLetto! This modern and stylish line of baby furniture sets is simply too cute to handle. The two-tone appearance and modern look go well in pretty much any home’s decor. Although it comes at a slightly higher price tag than the Davinci Kalini baby furniture sets, its appearance is like no other baby furniture sets. The two-tone look screams modern and this set looks amazing with hardwood floors especially but even with carpet or rug too.

First off, the Modo 3 in 1 crib with toddler rail is made of durable pine material and the materials have been labelled non-toxic and free of chemicals (in case your baby is a chewer!). This crib got such high reviews (5 out of 5 stars on Amazon) that most people bought it only for that reason – including my sister! For her second baby, she wanted to invest in a new crib set (since the older child already had the toddler bed). Upon researching baby furniture sets, she found this and loved the modern design. The mattress has 4 support levels and also converts into a toddler bed with the guardrail included. This allows the crib to grow with your baby – an essential in the best baby furniture sets. The crib also has different height settings like the Davinci. Also, the crib was very easy to put together (easier than my Davinci-Kalani-Convertible-Crib-Espresso) because many of the pieces were pre-assembled.

The 3 piece BabyLetto baby furniture sets also includes the BabyLetto Modo 3 Drawer Changer and the BabyLetto Modo 5 Drawer Dresser which offer more than enough room to store everything your baby has. These dressers ship very quickly and are easy to assemble. The only caveat is not to tighten the screws too tight because the wood can split/crack.

This set is available for purchase (each item separately) from Amazon, which offers the same discount as the Davinci above. Click here to see the Babyletto baby furniture sets pieces on Amazon:

Baby Furniture Sets – Where Can I Buy One?

Again, as I previously suggested, there are many stores and websites selling baby furniture sets. The problem is however, these stores do not get as much business as larger stores like Amazon and so charge mark-up for costs such as running the store and keeping the online store going. Amazon is like the Wal-Mart of the Internet and offers the same great product at lower prices. This is kind of deceiving because when you look at each item in the baby furniture sets separately, they look pricey. When you do the math however, the prices work out cheaper than if you were to buy the baby furniture sets as a package on the manufacturer site!

Although I am not from Amazon, I highly recommend it based on my previous experience with it in the past. They have free shipping so you don’t have to worry about shoving boxes into a car when you are preggers. Also, they have great customer service support and a 365-day return policy on baby furniture sets if you are not satisfied.

Baby Furniture Sets as a Gift for a new Mommy

Guess What? If you are looking to buy baby furniture sets for a friend or a family member, Amazon also has a “Gift” function. When you proceed to checkout your baby furniture sets at the store, you just check off “This will be a gift”. That way, the product and price will be concealed until the item is opened by whoever receives it! This makes buying baby furniture sets as gifts that much easier!

Clearly,  the 3 Piece Davinci Kalani Collection is the top choice and my recommendation as you want the best for you baby. My advice is to go get the set and see for yourself:)

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